Construction Site

2019-2020: A few impressions from our current construction site in Synej, Kavaja

2016: Tourism fair, January 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany

2015: In 2015 underwater archaeological surveys took place and revealed several Amphoras and other archaeological material.  Get an impression of the findings in this video or read the full report of the survey (pdf.).

2014: “Porto Albania” is a project led by the Swiss investment and project management company FINSEC Ltd  and its Albanian subsidiary FINSEC Port SHA Tirana, which will construct Albania’s first international yacht harbor with capacity to accommodate about 720 yachts, and a chain of supportive campus of hotels, residences, restaurants, shopping centers and sport fields on the ground, aiming to become a real benchmark for the tourist industry in Albania and abroad. The grand opening was in 2 October 2014.

Porto Albania breaks ground at Kalaja e Turres