Tourism in Albania

Tourism in Albania is considered one of the most important and fastest growing sectors of the country’s economy. International tourists and tour operators appreciate the destination for the following reasons:

• its beautiful and diversified landscapes with mountains, lakes and backwoods
• its clean sand and stone beaches and clear water
• its untouched nature with a unique wildlife and many preserve areas
• its authenticity
• its Mediterranean climate
• its rich archaeological heritage such as castle ruins and historical sites
• being one of the species-richest countries in Europe

Albania is considered to be a safe destination for tourists.

Along the coastline you will find many individual hotels but nowhere a comparable resort to Porto Albania with all its offers and attractions.

Albania’s government has acknowledged the importance of tourism as a crucial pillar of national economy. The government promotes tourism by adapting existing laws and by enabling and supporting large-scale projects such as Porto Albania. Buildings and infrastructure e.g. the network of main roads have been improved in the last years. Other improvements are:

• increased financial resources for the protection and conservation of wildlife and cultural heritage
• promotion of local handcraft
• creation of new jobs
• income from foreign exchange transactions
• increasing sales volumes as a result of investments in tourism

The Vision for Tourism in Albania in 2020

Albania will be recognized as an attractive, authentic and welcoming place among European tourist destinations, based on the sustainable use of the natural, cultural and historic potentials and an easy accessibility from international markets.

Tourism plays a key role in the Albanian economy, contributing to the improvement of  life quality, creating an attractive environment for the investments”

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