Sport & Recreation

Entrance Welcome Center

Set apart for a logistic and educational center and a parking space, this is main entrance for those traveling by car or shuttle service. Friendly, well-trained multilingual guides are knowledgeable about the Kalaja e Turres community and can help you plan your stay. The Welcome Center will support you with maps and brochures on hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, transportation, special events and sightseeing. Please note that in order to preserve the pristine nature of this resort, from this point forward only electric vehicles are allowed inside the resort.


Our beach is one of the most beautiful and safest in the region and provides lots of activity and recreational opportunities for people of all ages on land and in the water; such as swimming, sailing, surfing and water ski. For an extraordinary experience, Porto Albania offers prospects for activities in the green hills like playing golf under the Mediterranean sun, enjoying the stunning scenery with the Adriatic Sea on the horizon. Also, there are endless opportunities for hikers, wall climbers and cyclists to explore the hilly terrain on marked paths and trails. In addition, within the territory there are pathways left in their natural state. There are also grounds for horseback riding and stables with high-end facilities. You can count on over 100 attractions in total.

Golf Course

The golf course was designed by a well-known golf architect with international reputation. Superbly conceived, the course’s combination of complex terrain and accessible holes helps to provide an experience for players of all ages and abilities. Open year-round, these two full-service golf courses provide golfers everything they need for a satisfying, complete experience. Abiding by championship level golf standards over 18 holes-each with four tee placements, suitable for every golf skill level “Kalaja e Turres” Golf Resort and academy offer a truly generous and universal golfing experience. The luscious green scenery will be preserved and additional trees are being planted, all in harmony with the characteristic flora of the area.

Botanical Garden

On the hill of Kalaja e Turres you will find a surprising botanical garden with unknown historical artifacts and ruins. This lush 40 ha botanical and cultural garden provides an idyllic escape to enjoy nature’s beautiful creations. Far removed from city noise, this beautiful location is perfect for an afternoon picnic or garden stroll. Take your time and wander over meandering pathways surrounded by Mediterranean splendor. Explore the quiet, serene atmosphere of this paradise and its lush surroundings. To this stunning nature, additional olive trees are being planted.